Tibetan Care Branding, Identity & Graphic Design

The Brief

I was approached to create the brand for a new service: Tibetan nationals offering nanny, home care and doula services with the backbone of traditional Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

Not only was I tasked with creating a complete visual identity, but I was also to create a number of supporting print materials in order to publicize these services.

The Solution

Not being too familiar with the basic tenets of Tibetan culture, I conducted a lot of research into important symbols and colors that were part of the culture. I finally settled on this interlocking symbol of lines when I realized that there was a heart drawn inside of them – which would become the symbolic backbone of the brand identity.

With the client’s approval, we decided on a color palette (naturally chosen and supplied in PMS, CMYK and HEX) that mimicked the shrouds of the most widely known symbol of Tibetan culture: the Dalai Llama.


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