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Tibetan Care Branding, Identity & Graphic Design

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Tibetan Care Identity and Marketing Design 1

The Brief

Tibetan Care is an emerging NYC-based company offering nanny, home care and doula services fortified with the backbone of traditional Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

The project was to conceptualize and create a complete visual/corporate identity as well as a number of supporting print and marketing materials for the company.

The Solution

Research was conducted into the basic tenets of Tibetan culture, symbols and colors. The interlocking symbol is an important one and the heart shape was reinforced within them in order to highlight the care and love with which the company operates. This heart then formed a key component of the visual identity’s iconography.

A color palette was established of auspicious colors within Tibetan culture that can most famously be seen on their most important figure: the Dalai Llama.

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