Polder Website

The Brief

Having designed their last website a few years ago, Polder approached me to update and redesign a new website. Myself, alongside their Creative Director and Marketing Manager promptly entered a discovery phase where I worked with them to establish their goals and what they ultimately wanted the website to achieve. This ultimately was 1) brand recognition – they had recently rebranded, with a new logo and packaging and 2) drive sales both through their online store and their affiliate amazon account. Their third goal was to provide support to their customers.

Another important component of the brief was the creation of a similarly-designed, but European Union-focused website which maintained core components but also had to seamlessly integrate with the company’s London-based logistics.

The Solution

The new, refreshed design ultimately took elements of their new brand and molded it into a contemporary web design. The website was updated to be responsive, and a few bells and whistles were added such as product hover, pop-ups, dynamic shopping cart and more.

The website’s primary focus and call to action was now to view products. However, a robust support system was also added which involves product search, link to manuals and spare parts, a dynamic FAQ and a prominent link to contact customer service.

The CMS chosen was Adobe Business Catalyst, which was the most obvious choice since it had been used with the previous website with no issues. The code was built on Twitter Bootstrap v3.

The EU website was built with EU compliance in mind, giving this task an extra level of experience in the realm of localization and foreign standards compliance.


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