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Kemgo Branding & UI Design

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KEMGO Branding & UI 1

The Brief

The founders of KEMGO had a dilemma: they were having great success with their current off-shore development team, who were creating an online application for them which allowed companies to trade chemicals, plastics & fertilizers in high quantities. The issue was that things just weren’t looking good. And because they weren’t looking good, trust in their app and overall functionality was backsliding

The Solution

After some discovery sessions with the clients, we settled on a two-fold solution: first up, we’d brand their app – simply and without much fuss. The logotype was fairly easy to come up with, but what they needed was a color scheme that would work with their target audience: people who traded in polymers and chemicals and often had to convince their higher-ups that trading online (in six-figure amounts) still afforded a sense of luxury.

So we went with a primary color palette of rich gold and calming turquoise, with a warm brown as an accent color.

Then there was the interface: the bare bones were there, but it needed to be rearranged, made user-friendly and neatened up.

Everyone was thrilled with the results, and while their website has gone through iterations since, they were still provided with a solid design platform on which to launch their product.

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